South African Education Law Association

South African Law Association

The purpose of SAELA is in the interst of freedom, equity and quality in education in South Africa, to -

(a) make an effective contributrion policy, including the promotion of human rights in education; and

(b) to further knowledge and understanding in these disciplines among stakeholders.

 In order to pursue this purpose SAELA aims at:

  •  organizing conferences, simposia, workshops, addresses, briefing sessions or similar occasions
  • promoting research (and its publication) and teaching in the field of education law and policy;
  • the publication of a journal, newsletter, information sheet, or the use of any other communication medium;
  • effective liaison with South African education authorities at all levels;
  • promotion of active participation in and influencing of the public debate on matters relating to education law and policy;
  • appropriate co-operation with as many South African, foreign and international associations, institutions or individuals as possible that pursue a corresponding purpose or can promote the realization of the Association's purpose.
  • active participation in programs to support disadvantaged members of the education community.